About Us

Neptec UK designs and builds space qualified LiDARs, metrology instruments, IR cameras and other intelligent sensors for mission critical space applications in the European market. Neptec UK’s major customers are the UK Space Agency, the European Space Agency, Innovate UK, Airbus and SENER. Its partners include Surrey Space Centre, Oxford University, Southampton University, Redwave Labs and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).

Company Facts

Neptec UK was incorporated in 2013 and opened in Harwell Oxfordshire in October 2014.

The company is owned and integrated with MDA UK. MDA is an internationally recognized leader in space robotics, space sensors, satellite payloads, antennas and subsystems, surveillance and intelligence systems, defense and maritime systems, and geospatial radar imagery. MDA’s extensive space expertise and heritage translates into mission-critical defence and commercial applications that include multi-platform command, control and surveillance systems, aeronautical information systems, land administration systems and terrestrial robotics. MDA is also a leading supplier of actionable mission-critical information and insights derived from multiple data sources. 

All of our employees are based in the UK and we are proud of our commitment to designing, developing and producing technology in the United Kingdom for the European market.


Our Location

Neptec UK is located in the Atlas Building on Harwell Campus. The Campus is a dynamic environment that is home to 200 organizations, 5000 employees and 69 space organizations. The company occupies a suite of offices and two dedicated labs including an optics lab which is equipped for testing and calibrating lasers. Additional partnerships in the area provide full use of other testing facilities including clean rooms, thermal vacuum chambers, long range laser test facilities as well as shock and vibration testing facilities.

Our Capabilities


At Neptec UK, we pride ourselves on developing solutions for some of the most challenging problems in space. We have multidisciplinary teams with proficiency in a variety of areas including the design, test and manufacture of flight hardware.

Hardware/Software Design and Build

Field and Lab Testing