Neptec UK Limited

Innovative Space Solutions for the UK & Europe
Neptec UK is dedicated to the advancement of space technologies in the United Kingdom and Europe

End to End solutions

Neptec UK designs, manufactures and tests space qualified hardware

UK Based

Neptec UK is located at the world leading Innovation Centre – Harwell Campus


Neptec brings over 25 years experience developing mission critical systems for space exploration missions to the UK space market
Neptec UK designs and builds space qualified LiDARs, metrology instruments, IR cameras and other intelligent sensors for mission critical space applications for the European market.

Neptec UK has provided solutions for agencies and commercial space companies around the world including the UK Space Agency, the European Space Agency (ESA), Innovate UK, Airbus Defence and Space, SENER, and other leading European space companies.

Luna Resource-1 Lander

Scheduled to launch in 2021, the “Luna Resource-1 Lander” is an unmanned mission to the Moon – The first in a series of launches that could see the first habitat on the Moon. Neptec’s LEIA (LIDAR for Extra- terrestrial Imaging Applications) will be used as a landing sensor.




PROBA Missions

PROBA is a series of satellite missions by the ESA, PROBA-3 will study the Sun’s corona. Neptec’s Fine Lateral and Longitudinal Sensor (FLLS) is responsible for accurately measuring the relative position of two satellites in order to keep them in a tight flying formation so they are effectively joined together, even though there is no physical connection.


IR CubeSat

Neptec UK has begun preparations for a future CubeSat mission called IRSAT-1.  This mission will launch Neptec UK’s miniaturized Earth Observation IR Camera in a 3U CubeSat into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).




At Neptec UK, we pride ourselves on our commitment to designing, developing and producing technology in the United Kingdom.

Neptec UK is a growing and dynamic company based on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire England. We are currently designing and building hardware and software for two major European Space Agency (ESA) programs, Proba-3 and Luna-Resource as well as working on UK Space Agency (UKSA)/ Innovate UK development projects. Neptec UK is owned by and integrated with MDA UK.


Neptec UK is located at Harwell Campus. Harwell is a leading science, innovation, technology and business campus, located just south of Oxford.

Harwell is a place which matters globally. It’s a place where the impact of what has been discovered could matter for the rest of the world

– Magali Vaissiere, Head of the European Space Agency’s ECSAT


Neptec UK Ltd

Neptec UK Limited

Atlas Building (R27)
Fermi Avenue, Harwell Campus
Didcot, Oxfordshire
OX11 0QX


Tel: +44 1235 567326

Header image credit: NASA, Proba 3 image credit: ESA